Nobody has more history or knowledge to discreetly distribute residual stocks than we have


Heley International offers a transparent & trusted solution for manufacturers who have stock issues that need resolving.  All FMCG manufacturers generate residual stocks & look to maximise returns on these products without disruption to their core sales channels. Reasons for residual stock creation can include:

  • Date code issues
  • Over production
  • Expired on pack promotions
  • Change of price point
  • Discontinued products
  • De-listed products
  • Excessive stock levels
  • Shop returns
  • Unpicked Part pallets
  • Seasonality
  • Slow uptake on NPD


The company’s long and successful history has given us an unrivalled expertise in product knowledge & placement.  Add to that efficient & professional decision making and you can see why we are the preferred long-term partner for global brand owners.