Sell / Purchase

We can help your company sell your residual stock into both retail and wholesale channels.

This won’t impact your normal sales avenues, as Heley International will create a direct sales channel. We work primarily with companies operating in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Giving you direct access to our professionally managed network of over 3,500 independent customers. Along with over 40 years of experience, we ensure your products will reach new customers.

You also can sell your stock through our own store Heley Discount. Where we cater to a rising audience located near the M25 in Essex. Close to Lakeside’s retail parks.

Additionally, you have the ability to purchase stock from us. We cover everyday consumer goods such as: food and drink, alcoholic beverages, household & toiletries, and many more.

Have any questions for buying or selling? Contact us by phone at 01708 860010 or email us at See if we will be the right place to sell or purchase inventory.

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