Our Role

At Heley International, we are the longest standing company of wholesale buyers for residual stock. Particularly specialising in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We can sell your products to stores across Europe. Where you’ll benefit from easy access to an extensive range of stores working in the discount sector. We have a considerate range of retailers you can supply to.

We ensure your stock will be in stores specialising in discount food and general consumer goods. Therefore, gaining access to consumers who actively purchase discounted goods.

Contact us now to find out about how easy your journey to the discount sector will be.

What is Residual Stock?

Unsure if we will accept your stock? Our handy list will help understand what type of stock we’ll accept. Which we will help to shift onto the discount channel, helping your company benefit from creating a new sales channel.

Residual Stock includes:

  • Old Promotions
  • Excess Inventory
  • Obsolete Stock
  • Short Code
  • Near ‘Best Before’
  • Slow moving Sales
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We specialise in buying and selling residual stock. See below for a clear list of which stock we love to purchase.

Join thousands of other brands who work with us, giving you a direct access route to the discount channel.

Whether you would like to sell or purchase stock from us. Contacting us on the next step you require to begin your journey.